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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)


Artistic designHispanic/Latinx is a broad term that encompasses people from a Spanish speaking country or decent from ancestors from a Spanish speaking country. Hispanic/Latinx may include many identities and be mindful that some identify themselves as Hispanic/Latinx, but others choose to be identified by their country of origin, e.g., of Colombian descent. The resources in this guide focus on healthcare, treatment and the wellbeing of those in the Hispanic/Latinx community as well as increase education on groups within the community. 

Resources Related to Hispanic / Latinx

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To view the citations related to the suggested search string, click on “Current Search Results”. Search strategies are included to allow the user to set up a PubMed search alert. Users can also cut and paste the search strategy into PubMed and combine with additional search terms.


((((((("Minority Groups"[Mesh]) OR (minority group*[Title/Abstract])) OR ("Ethnic Groups"[Mesh])) OR (ethnic group*[Title/Abstract] OR ethnicity[Title/Abstract] OR nationality[Title/Abstract] OR nationalities[Title/Abstract])) OR (("Hispanic Americans"[Mesh]) OR "Mexican Americans"[Mesh])) OR (Hispanic American*[Title/Abstract] OR Spanish American*[Title/Abstract] OR Puerto Rican*[Title/Abstract] OR Latino*[Title/Abstract] OR Cuban American*[Title/Abstract] OR Hispanic*[Title/Abstract] OR Latina*[Title/Abstract])) OR (Mexican American*[Title/Abstract] OR Chicana*[Title/Abstract] OR Chicano*[Title/Abstract]))

Current PubMed Hispanic/Latino Search Results

(Note: Results may include preprints. Preprints are not peer reviewed.)

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