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Description and educational content for the use of iThenticate on UNTHSC's campus.

Virtual Economics


To further support success in securing research funding, the University of North Texas Health Science Center is excited to announce the availability of iThenticate, a powerful plagiarism and AI detection tool.

iThenticate helps ensure the originality of your grant proposals, safeguarding your reputation and the integrity of your submissions. This tool serves as a valuable aid in avoiding unintentional plagiarism and refining your writing for the highly competitive grants process.

Key Benefits of using iThenticate for Grant Proposals:

  • Increased confidence: Submit your proposals knowing you've taken steps to minimize potential issues of plagiarism.
  • Stronger proposal quality: Review similarity reports to identify areas where citations or paraphrasing might need improvement.
  • Protection of intellectual property: Verify the originality of your ideas and research contributions.