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OER- Open Educational Resources

This guide provides an overview of OER, publication options, and where to locate OER.

Adapting vs. Adopting 

A book fanned open

Source: "Open Book" by Rubber Dragon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Creating an OER can be a time-consuming and serious task. However, the nature and purpose of OER are to be flexible, allowing for the addition to or subtraction from a resource. 


Adapting Vs. Adopting - What's the difference?

The difference between adapting and adopting as it pertains to OER is simple. When adopting an OER, you are selecting the OER as is in its current form.  You are not changing the resource in any way, much like with traditional textbooks.  Adapting, on the other hand, means that you have selected the resource, but have decided to make changes to it to better suit the needs of your course and students.  These changes may be small such as the removal of a single chapter or much larger like combining multiple resources into a whole new OER.