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Research Data Management

Data Repositories

Depositing your data in an archive or repository helps ensure its long-term preservation and storage. UNTHSC does not have a public repository available to host data. Some journals provide data storage for small files, while others have pre-determined agreements with subject-specific general science public data repositories. In some instances, researchers can meet data sharing requirements by making their data available to interested parties upon request. We recommend checking the data guidelines from your funding agency and/or journal to which you have submitted to find out where or how they require your data to be shared.

Find a Repository

Re3data logoThere are discipline-specific public data repositories available for numerous research areas. Often, discipline-specific repositories can better accommodate specific data archiving needs than a general repository. Visit, an online registry of research data repositories, to select an appropriate repository for your area of research.

If you are unable to find a discipline-specific repository to meet your data needs, consider a general repository for scientific or non-scientific data.  A few options include:


Disclaimer icon                       It is important to carefully review user agreements and FAQ pages before you deposit your data into any online repository. Lewis Library can help you review data repositories. Contact us or your Library Liaison to schedule an appointment.