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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LabArchives work differently on a Mac or PC?
Because LabArchives is a cloud-based system there are no differences in functionality between Mac and PC users. However, there are prefered and unsupported browsers.  Prefered browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.  Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. 

I shared my notebook with a colleague.  Why did they not receive my invitation/view/access?
Please check the email address that you used to share the notebook.  Typos or incorrect email addresses often are the cause of this issue.  This is especially true of sharing content with HSC students.  Students have more than one HSC email address on file and their LabArchives account may have defaulted to their alternate address.  It is recommended that your have users verify their account email address with you before you share content.

What happens to my data if I leave HSC?
Copies of all data can be taken with you should you leave HSC.  Please contact Elizabeth Speer to make arrangements prior to leaving HSC.

Is LabArchives free to use?
LabArchives is provided to all members of HSC by the Department of Research & Innovation.