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About LabArchives

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Use and Access: With LabArchives you will be able to access your ELN anywhere or anytime using the internet from your PC or mobile device running Android or iOS.
  • Sharing: Easily and securely share within your group, institution, or even with external collaborators. Notebook owners & administrators can specify who can access or edit each notebook, folders, pages, or specific files.
  • Record Keeping: All entries and modifications are stored with date/time stamp. Can be used as evidence of inventorship and authorship for patents and research publications.
  • Secure: Content placed in LabArchives ELN is password- protected (login with your HSC EUID and password), encrypted in transit and at rest as well as backed up 12 times a day. You won’t have to worry about losing data due to equipment failure, viruses, or user editing errors.
  • Management and Communication: PIs, lab managers & team members can easily access lab data, review project progress, edit and make comments even while traveling.
  • Searching: Using an ELN will save you time when searching through a notebook (specify keyword, dates, tags, etc.) and eliminates the problem of having to decipher a former colleague’s handwriting.
  • Free: The Research Office is providing this ELN service to the HSC staff and students free of charge.
  • Compatibility: LabArchives integrates with Microsoft Office, GraphPad Prism, PubMed, and Chemdoodle for easy customization.
  • Portable: given the approval of the PI (primary investigator) or notebook Owner, lab members can easily make a copy of their notebook as a PDF or HTML.