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Research Posters

What is a Research Poster?

Research posters are often used during professional conferences or in academic settings to display research in a concise presentation. The purpose of a poster presentation is to communicate clearly the latest findings and insights from the field or student work. Presenters benefit by sharing their research broadly, engaging their peers, and contributing to professional discourse.

Browse this guide to learn more about how to prepare a research poster, learn design tips, data visualization basics, and explore helpful resources

Research Poster Overview

Watch the following video to learn a brief overview of research posters.

#BetterPoster Overview

Watch the following video to learn more about the #betterposter movement.

3 Sample Styles

Below are three different approaches to displaying the same content. The first is a traditional style, followed by a #betterposter approach, and then a hybrid model. A special thanks to Dr. Cunningham for allowing the library to use his research as an example.

Example 1 (traditional style)

Example 2 (#betterposter style)

Example 3 (hybrid style)