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Physical Therapy Required Textbooks

Physical Therapy Required Textbooks

The books that appear on these lists are required for Physical Therapy Year 1 and Year 2. Visit the following links below or click on the menu on the left to review the lists:

Special Note About Access

Most of the e-books listed in this guide can be accessed simultaneously and by multiple users. If an e-book is known to have a concurrent user limit, it has been noted.

Most of the print copies listed in this guide may be checked out from the service desk. Please check the loan period for the books in the catalog, as most are available for 2-hour loans. In some instances, there may be multiple copies available. See borrowing policies for information about loan periods, renewals, and fines.

The books included in this list are the most current editions available in the library collection. Older editions may also be available as an e-book or in print.


This guide only includes copies of textbooks the library currently owns. There may be assigned textbooks the library does not own and these titles are not included in this guide. Please check your textbook list from the department for a full list of required textbooks.