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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurial Mindset

An Entrepreneurial Mindset helps people create solutions, come up with innovative ideas, and act in pursuing opportunities. Some of the characteristics are being flexible to different environments, act and make decisions under uncertainty in order to pursue opportunity, and be motivated to achieve success. Entrepreneurs also need to have curiosity to improve and create, have the drive to turn ideas into profit, and be able to build connections. Having these qualities in mind helps improve upon entrepreneurship.

What is Entrepreneurial Research?

The purpose of Entrepreneurial Research is to gather information from multiple fields (company, industry, finance, market/consumer behavior, and trademarks/patents) in order to create new economic development or innovations. Entrepreneurial Research is also helpful for founders and investors to understand the idea behind a product, and what methods can be applied in order to provide support. Having this information can determine if the idea is viable and how to achieve success.

Why is data important for a pitch?

Data is important because it shows investors or an audience that there is demand for a product. Pitches are quick ways to get investors interested, but data is the evidence that convinces individuals to back the invention. Besides providing credibility, data can be used to structure the pitch and create a plan to market innovations. 

Research Categories

The following categories are helpful framing for entrepreneurial research. For a full description of each visit the research categories page.

  • Company Research - Financial information, brand histories, media attention, news, strategies, and company performance
  • Industry ResearchIndustry competition, target audiences, trends, finances, and statistical data
  • Target Market Research / Consumer BehaviorDemographics, psychographics, geographical differences, and communication strategies
  • Finance / Venture Capital - Angel groups and business news / research
  • Trademarks / PatentsTrademark law, patent law, and information about regulated products and activities