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Complete Anatomy

This guide is intended to educate users on how to download and use Complete Anatomy.

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Hayley Yording

What is Complete Anatomy?

Complete Anatomy is a desktop or mobile device application that is an anatomy learning platform. It contains gross 3D anatomy models, microscopic anatomy, an atlas, videos, courses, and interactive radiology images. Please Note: Application must be downloaded and connected to library subscription for use.

Download the Complete Anatomy Software or App from one or more of the following platforms:                 

iPad Mac iPhone Windows Android

Click through the gallery below for step-by-step photos to activate your Complete Anatomy Subscription

Activating Account Membership

1. Sign Up for Free 3D 4 Medical Account

    Note: You MUST use HSC email address when creating account.

2. Enter HSC email here and fill out profile:

3. Verfiy Email

4. Enter Complete Anatomy Settings > then My Account

5. Enter Student or Faculty/Staff Code under Settings > My Account:

Student Code: 654354721105

Faculty/Staff Code: 250379148665

You are ready to begin using the Complete Anatomy platform!

Student Code: 654354721105

Faculty/Staff Code: 250379148665