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Inequities in Medicine

Student Collection

Student Curated Collection

badge with atom icon and label "student collection"This guide is student created! Lewis Library is proud to support student learning with information resources and a space for the development of curated collections.

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About the 'Inequities in Medicine' Collection

Hello! My name is Isabella Moon. I started the Inequities in Medicine guide during my first year of medical school at TCOM.

This collection had its inception while I was talking with a friend and she mentioned that resources for minorities often aren't accessible, even if they are available. The resources in this guide are made to be accessible to help decrease some of the inequity in medicine. That inequity includes some of the lack of perspective in medical education, lack of access to care, lack of access to research or scholarship opportunities, and much more.

Through a series of talks with many peers, the conclusion that developed was that it is not the job of an underrepresented population to educate, but it is the responsibility of those who don't know to seek understanding. The purpose of this guide is to provide accessible resources for physicians, patients, and students of color and provide resources for everyone to educate themselves and continue learning. The Lewis Library also has a variety of guides on other inequalities present in the medical field. Please consider giving those collections a look!

This guide started with over 20 opportunities, resources, databases, and papers that I found, but there will, and should, always be advancements. We can always do better or learn more. This guide is meant to be peer developed and ongoing. I wish to use crowd sourcing or community contributions to enhance the guide. Do you use a resource that isn't listed, but has helped you a lot? Do you know a way that we can make the guide more accessible? Please drop it in the discussion board for the community and we will look into adding it to the collection!


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