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Can I charge photocopies or computer prints to a departmental account?

Yes, if the department has established a group account in the Pharos copy/print payment system. The department must provide you with the password. Fill out the interdepartmental transfer for copy / print account (pdf) form to create an account or add credit to an existing account.

Can I check out any book or media item in the library?

Some items are restricted to use in the building. See borrowing policies for more information.

Can I check out library materials for someone else?

The answer is generally no. The person to whom the materials are being checked out must be present. Faculty members may authorize a proxy, an assistant who can check out items to the faculty member's account, by filling out a proxy account authorization (pdf) form.

Can I get on a waiting list or place a hold on reserve items?

In order to be as fair as possible all reserve items are first come, first served.

Can I place my own works on reserve?

You may use your own works if you are the copyright holder. Most publishing agreements, however, assign the copyright to the publisher, not the author. This means that the publisher’s permission is still required for anything that exceeds the limits of our license or the Fair Use exemption.

Can I put e-reserves on the library website myself?

Lewis Library staff will add e-reserves to individual courses in Canvas. Please submit a Reserves Request Form for electronic materials. You will then be contacted by email or phone to add the appropriate library staff member to your course in Canvas as a teacher assistant. Material will then be uploaded to your Canvas course in a Library Reserves folder.

Can I put multiple copies on reserve?

We have a limit of one book per 30 students. The library will accept a maximum of three copies for reserve. We will gladly accept your personal copies if you would like to loan them to the library for a semester or two. They will be labeled and checked out like regular library materials.

Can I place items on reserve that I have used before?

Yes, with some restrictions. Originals and most currently licensed resources can be placed on reserve. Unlicensed photocopies or electronic copies can be used only once under the Fair Use exemption of the copyright law. Subsequent uses require permission from the publisher and possible royalty payments. Library staff can assist with obtaining permissions and any royalty payments will be passed through to the department. The costs will vary according to the work, the duration of the use, and the number of students in the class.

Can I renew a reserve item?

Renewals are not permitted so that availability can be maximized. For two-hour and four-hour items, there is a required waiting period of 30 minutes before the same person can check out the same item again. For all other items you must wait until the library opens on the following day.

Can reserve materials be taken outside the library?

Items with a 24-hour or a 3-day loan period can be taken outside the library. Two-hour and four-hour items must be used in the library. The only exception made is for the instructor who placed the item on reserve.

Do I need a password to use e-reserves?

E-reserves are located in Canvas. Use your network credentials to access your course in Canvas, and then navigate to the Library Reserves module.

Do the laptops and computer lab computers have the latest version of SPSS/SAS?

Laptops and computers have the latest version for which we have a license. We get the licenses from the Denton campus because of the expense, but we try to stay as current as possible.

Do you loan out chargers for the school-issued laptops?

We have purchased two chargers for each of the last four model laptops issued by the school.

Does the library provide access to UpToDate?

UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff may access UpToDate from the database dropdown menu on the library homepage, or from the A-Z Database List.

How can I print double sided?

Usually this will be dependent on the program you are printing from. For most MS Office applications, like Word and PowerPoint, on a PC you will want to check "Printer Properties" from the print screen (where you select the printer). Go to the "Finishing" tab and be sure that 2-sided printing is selected as the style.

On a Mac, use Command + P to call up the print menu. Where "Copies & Pages" is showing, select "Layout." Beside the "Two-Sided" option, be sure you have long-edge binding or short-edge binding selected depending on your preference.

How can I renew an item that I have borrowed?


  • From the library homepage, click on "Renew Items / Account Login" under "Quick Links."
  • Log in with your Card ID and PIN. Please contact the service desk if you need to create a PIN.
  • Select the "My Account" link located in the center of the page. Select the option to "Renew My Materials." Check the materials you want to renew and click "Submit." Look for the new due date to verify that your materials were renewed.


  • Call the Library Service Desk at 817-735-2465.


  • Send an e-mail message to to request a renewal. Please be specific as to which materials you would like to renew and allow 24 hours for a response.

In Person

  • Stop by the service desk with your UNTHSC ID badge or library card. You do not need to bring the materials with you in order to renew them.

How can I use the campus wireless network to access the Internet?

Wireless access is provided throughout the library. UNTHSC patrons can open a browser and sign in with their UNTHSC network username and password. Visitors must request a guest username and password at the service desk. A photo ID and a signature are required.

How do I change / reset my UNTHSC password?

Go to the UNT Account Management System and follow the prompts to change your password.

How do I download the Pharos program?

Download the correct Pharos printer driver for your computer (either PC or Mac) and follow the instructions.

How do I get the articles I requested through the document delivery / interlibrary loan service?

Access your document delivery / interlibrary loan account and select "Articles Received" from the main menu under "View Requests." Items that you have waiting will be listed there.

How do I know if my computer can receive articles delivered electronically through the document delivery / interlibrary loan system?

In order to view, download, and print articles, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed and configured to work with your browser. 

How do I print to the Pharos printers?

Printing is usually determined by the application. "File -> Print" or "CTRL + P" on a PC will usually bring up print options. On a Mac, using "Command + P" will usually bring up print options.

How do I put things on reserve in the library?

Submit a Reserves Request Form. Requests must come from a faculty member or a UNTHSC department.

How do I reserve a meeting room in the library?

Call 817-735-2556 or submit a request online through the Room Scheduling Office (available only on the UNTHSC network). Only large group study rooms can be reserved. Other study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis to UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff members.

How do you print multiple slides of a PowerPoint on one page/side?

On a Mac, hit "Command + P" to bring up printer options. Select "Layout" next to "Copies and Pages." Next to "Pages per Sheet" select the number of slides you want per page. When you choose to print ("File -> Print" or "CTRL + P") on a PC, one of the options usually defaults to "Full Page Slides." Select that option and choose the number of slides you want on one page.

How long can I borrow materials through interlibrary loan?

The loan length is determined by the lending institution. You can generally expect a minimum two-week loan period. Not all institutions allow renewals.

How long can I use reserve items?

Instructors designate the loan period for course reserves: two hours, four hours, one day, or three days.

How much are the fees for document delivery and interlibrary loan?

Fees vary according to patron group. See fees for services for details.

How much can I copy for reserves?

You may copy a single article from a given periodical issue or one book chapter. These limits are based on the Model Policy of the American Library Association and national guidelines such as the 1996 Conference on Educational and Library Fair Use (CONFU). We may be able to provide a link to licensed materials or offer another solution. In no case can a copy of an entire in-copyright work be used for reserve without permission from the copyright owner. Before making copies please check to see if the library has the item available in print or electronically.

If I request multiple items through document delivery / interlibrary loan, how do I know which requests will be electronically delivered and which ones will not?

You will receive an e-mail notification for each item received. The e-mail message will include information about the delivery method.

If the library does not have a particular book or journal, does that mean I have no hope of getting it?

No.  Most of the time, we can obtain a copy from another library through interlibrary loan.  We can also help you check the holdings of other area libraries to see if they have it.

Is there a limit on how many items I can have checked out at one time?

Yes. Students, faculty, and staff members can check out up to 50 items. Other patrons are limited to 5 or 10 items depending on category. All patrons are limited to 5 reserve items and 5 test preparation books at one time. See borrowing policies for more information.

May I use one of the library's computers?

UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff members may use the computer lab on Level 2 (Room 225) when it is not reserved for a class. The computers outside of Room 225 are available to UNTHSC patrons at all times. Please keep your ID badge visible to library staff members. Visitors can sign up at the service desk for a two-hour session on one of the designated Health Information Station computers. The labs on Level 4 (Rooms 400 and 410) are dedicated training facilities and are not open for general use.

What are “reserves”?

Reserves are materials chosen by an instructor to supplement their courses. Reserves can be physical materials or electronic content. Physical items are given reserve status to ensure that all members of the class can use them within a limited period of time. Some reserves are high-use or theft-prone materials and are given reserve status by the library staff.

What do I do if my computer won't connect to the Wi-Fi?

Be sure your wireless network adapter is turned on. Some Windows 7 PCs need a change to their wireless settings. See the IT Helpdesk in LIB-202 or stop by the Library Service Desk for assistance.

What do I need to check out an item?

Present your UNTHSC ID card (faculty, students, staff) or your library card (other patrons) to check out items. Cardholders must also present a photo ID. TexShare borrowers must present both a valid TexShare card and a photo ID to establish an account.

What if I forgot my password for document delivery / interlibrary loan?

Click the "Forgot Password?" link in ILLiad and enter your username. A password reset e-mail will be sent to you. Open the e-mail message and click the link to reset your password.

What is the fine for overdue items?

The fine is 50 cents per day for regular circulating items. This increases to $1 per day for overdue items that have been recalled. Fines for reserve materials are $1 per hour and fines for Test Preparation books are $5 per day. See borrowing policies for more information.

What’s the big deal about copyright?

Copyright gives authors and other creators certain rights under federal law. There are some exemptions for libraries and for educational uses, but the university must operate within their boundaries or pay the copyright holders to use their work. Copyright law controls the use of copies for reserves, as well as copies that library staff members make to fulfill document delivery or interlibrary loan requests. Originals, whether owned by the library or by the instructor, can circulate freely. Increasingly, though, information resources are provided electronically. Our use of them is typically controlled not by copyright law, but by our license agreements with individual publishers and content aggregators. The library has the responsibility to monitor and to abide by these legal agreements. We are happy to help you make the best decisions regarding copyright, and can assist you in obtaining rights to use materials.

Where are the reserves?

Print materials and media are located at the Library Service Desk on the main floor of the library. Electronic content is located in your course in Canvas, under the Library Reserves module.

Where can I get more information about course reserves?

Please email for more information about course reserves.

Where do I check out library materials?

All circulating materials check out from the Library Service Desk on the main floor.

Where is the IT Computer Helpdesk, and what are its hours?

The IT Helpdesk is located in LIB-202. The full-service hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Computer help is also available for students until 10:00 P.M., Sunday through Thursday.

Who can help me with the technologies on the third floor?

Support is handled through the IT Helpdesk in LIB-202. See Collaborative Learning Commons for more information about these learning technologies, including links to tutorials and manuals.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my document delivery or interlibrary loan requests?

Please contact the document delivery / interlibrary loan office by phone at 817-735-2464, or by e-mail at

Why are my print jobs not showing in the queue?

Please make sure you are connected to either the "Student" or "Faculty/Staff" Wi-Fi network.

Double-check that you selected one of the Pharos printers to print to, rather than PDF or a different printer you might have available on your computer. Make sure you entered your EUID in the Pharos popup box. Your EUID is usually your initials plus four numbers. After entering your EUID, be sure you clicked “Print” rather than "Cancel" on the popup box. You also could have entered your EUID incorrectly. 

Why can’t I access e-journals (full text articles) from off-campus?

If you access e-journals through our website from off-campus you will be asked to log in with your UNTHSC network username and password. You may receive an error message when you try to log in and access an e-journal. We receive the error message too and within 1 business day we will make the needed updates and your journal should be accessible. Please contact the Library Research Services Office at 817-735-2070 if you have questions or need assistance.

Why do I have to register to request document delivery or interlibrary loan service?

You will be prompted only once to create an account for requesting and receiving articles and other materials. Once you have an account you will be able to place requests quickly and easily from selected databases, track the progress of your current requests, download recent articles received, and review your entire request history.

Why do I have to restart or power on/off my school issued Mac for it to work properly with printers to print my jobs?

Sometimes computers and computer programs have problems that only a restart will fix.

Why doesn't anything happen when I press “Print”?

The current version of Mac has had some issues with Pharos. We recently upgraded to a later version of Pharos which hopefully will resolve these issues. Restarting your Mac may be the best solution to this problem. Other problems that can prevent printing include the computer not being connected to the network.

Why doesn’t the library have one of my required readings on reserve?

This is usually because a reserve request has not been received from the instructor or the item is on order. Please let us know if you think something should be on reserve but isn’t..

Why don’t I see all of my older requests when I look at my request history in the document delivery / interlibrary loan system?

We occasionally purge older records from the system.

Why isn’t Pharos compatible with Windows 8.1?

We recently upgraded Pharos to a later version that should work fine with the most recent versions of Windows and Mac.

Why won’t my computer connect to the Pharos printing?

Be sure that your computer is connected to the campus network. You have to use the VPN to connect to our network if you are off-campus.

Will I be charged for returning reserve items late?

Overdue fines accrue at the rate of $1 per hour for hourly items and $5 per day for daily items (1-3 days). The fines start from the time the item becomes overdue and each following hour until the item is checked in.

Will you make a copy for me?

The library offers document delivery of photocopies and digital images made from our collections. For contact information, fees, and limitations, see document delivery.