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Narrating COVID at HSC

What is the Narrating COVID at HSC Project?

HSC faculty, students, staff, and alumni are currently living through a world-changing event and at the same time providing expertise and support to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of Narrating COVID at HSC is to collect, preserve, index and make available for use a historical record of the impact of COVID-19 on the HSC community. Historians, scholars, future students, medical professionals, health experts, HSC administrators and others will want to understand and learn about how we responded to the pandemic.

As narrator of your COVID-19 experience/s you will provide a historically valuable record during this unique period in our history as we commemorate 50 years of providing solutions for a healthier community.

Contribute Your Story

Contribute your experience/s to Narrating COVID at HSC and together by sharing our stories, we will preserve the evidence of this historic event in the Gibson D. Lewis Library University Archives.

Help the Lewis Library Archives document the impact the pandemic is having through your role as a medical provider, student, faculty, staff, or alumni. Submissions will be harvested and housed in the Lewis Library University Archives for preservation as part of the University’s history. For each contribution, donors will be asked to accept rights, permissions, and privacy terms.  

Contributions may be in the form of a PDF, Word Document, text file, image, video, or audio file.



See below for examples of experiences we invite you to share with us:



Narrate your experience/s about:

  • joining the ranks of medical professionals during a pandemic as a new graduate
  • learning in a remote environment, defending your dissertation virtually, or experiencing virtual celebratory HSC events
  • working at the HSC off-campus COVID-19 test site or partnering with Tarrant County Public Health to fight the virus
  • sharing information with local news media to inform our community
  • researching vaccines and treatments
  • transitioning and teaching traditional face to face courses in an online format
  • assisting the elderly community struggling with the isolation of social distancing
  • navigating changes during this time as an expectant or newborn mother
  • working and/or managing staff remotely to keep vital services going
  • providing essential services at the HSC campus during a pandemic
  • coping with the loss of a family member, patient, or friend due to COVID-19
  • keeping up social connections and finding ways to remain optimistic during this world-wide event (exercising, cooking, hobbies, volunteering, etc.)

About the Archive

The HSC Gibson D. Lewis Library Archives documents the history of the University through the collection and preservation of institutional records, reports, memoranda, correspondence, photographs, medical memorabilia, and the private and professional papers of faculty, departments, alumni, and others.

Contact Betty Shankle, Records & Archives Manager, if you have questions or would like more information about Narrating COVID at HSC.